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Trust in life

Trust in life

by Annie Roy

5 years ago

I have often been angry with her. Life.

I found it unfair that I, a quiet little girl without history, had to go through difficult trials one day.

Trials that I had not chosen, that life had rather imposed on me ... and in my moments of suffering, I always said to myself: “Annie, you have to trust life. "

And then, as if by magic, life helped me to come out even stronger from these trials. She helped me grow. At least, that's what I thought. I thought it was thanks to her ...

I had never really thought about what that sentence really meant to me… Trust in life... till today.

I had a flash that hit me right in the face. Life, in fact, is me. She is me!

When I said to myself: "Annie you have to trust life", I was actually saying to myself: “Annie you have to trust yourself. " Because it wasn't life that helped me get out of my hardships to become stronger… It's me! It wasn't life that helped me grow either ... It's me!

By using life, it's like she's had control over me and not me.

By just telling yourself to trust life, it is a way of taking responsibility away from yourself and waiting for everything to come from the outside… Whereas, on the contrary, the work must be done inside of us.

One day, instead of seeing my trials as my enemies, I decided to consider them as my friends so that I could see things differently. It wasn't life that decided that. It's me.

I have control. Life doesn't have it. I am in control of my life. I have control over my actions, I have control over my way of thinking.

Je focus on what je want.

It was not the life that was good with me, but rather it was me, by my actions, who did all the work ... 

Trust yourself.  Most importantly, remember that you are in control.