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Homemade natural fertilizer: Using eggshells to nourish your garden

In our quest for sustainability and autonomy, we discovered a simple but effective way to nourish our plants: using eggshells as a natural fertilizer. This ancestral practice, often neglected today, offers an ecological and economical solution to enrich the soil of our garden. By transforming eggshells into a calcium-rich soil conditioner, we provide our plants with the nutrients they need to thrive, while reducing our ecological footprint.
Homemade natural fertilizer: Using eggshells to nourish your garden

by Annie Roy

4 weeks ago

Eggshells aren't just meant to be thrown away; they can also become a valuable ingredient for making your own natural garden fertilizer. Here's how to turn waste into a calcium-rich amendment for your plants:

1- Keep your eggshells after using them in cooking. Rinse them lightly to remove any egg white residue, then let them dry completely.

2- Once dry, grind them using a mortar and pestle, or by passing them through a coffee grinder. Make sure to grind them into a fine powder for better dissolution in the soil.

3- Spread eggshell powder directly in your garden or mix it with your compost. The calcium in the shells helps strengthen the cellular structure of plants, promoting growth and resistance to disease.

By using eggshells as a garden fertilizer, you reduce food waste while providing your plants with a natural amendment beneficial to their health. In addition, you reduce your costs since commercial fertilizer is expensive.