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Small chances, big coincidences

Small chances, big coincidences

by Annie Roy

5 years ago

Tonight I'm going to tell you a story ...

You have the choice...

to believe in luck or coincidence ...

or to believe that there is something bigger than us ...

I lived with my father about a year and a half ago. I had just separated and my days were heavy and difficult. Every morning my father would pick flowers for me and put them in a vase on my bedside table without saying anything more. It did me a lot of good to know that he was "there".

A small gesture that says it all.

As some of you already know, he passed away last August. When we emptied his house, I found, on the same bedside table, the last bouquet he had picked for me.

Intact and dried. (To see the photo).

I brought it home as a souvenir of him.


At my birthday last November, I missed him dearly and asked him to wish me happy birthday in his own way. Well, at about 20pm that day, I was on my way back to my hotel and pulled over at a "stop sign". At the same time, a lady crossing the street in front of me, with a bouquet of the same flowers in her hands.

I froze and really felt in my heart that it was a sign from him. To tell me he was "there".

It was his birthday last March 21 and when I woke up I had a thought for him and wished him happy birthday out loud, with a little sadness, I must admit.

That evening, I rented a cottage in the corner of Lac-Mégantic to spend the night there. And when I entered the chalet, there was a bouquet of these same flowers on the table.

So daddy ... I know you're still " leaves ».


Cheers xxx